Weyerhaeuser Begins New Development

August 25, 2014

Weyerhaeuser NR Company newest master planned community, Tamanend, gears up to provide St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana a venue that brings together business, education, single and multifamily living, and retail shopping. This 848 acre tract will be transformed into a mixed use development to contain a college campus, town center, business offices, multifamily apartments, town and garden homes, a community recreation center and a myriad of single family home sites.

The name “Tamanend” comes from Chief Tamanend of the Lenni Lanape Nation; a benevolent tribe whose purpose was to live in harmony with its neighbors and the environment. Weyerhaeuser NR Company aspirations for this community encompass this harmonic essence in its natural landscape and historic architecture. “This is going to be a beautiful place”, says Scott Gilbert, project manager for Weyerhaeuser NR Company. “Years of planning have gone into Tamanend and Weyerhaeuser couldn’t be more excited to see this community begin to take shape in St. Tammany Parish.”

Tamanend is north of LaCombe and is situated in the centermost part of St. Tammany Parish. Only 45 minutes from New Orleans, Tamanend is the perfect distance away from the “larger city congestion”, but close enough to enjoy the many events and festivals that take place year round. Conveniently located north of I-12, it is a short 15 minute drive to Mandeville, Slidell and Covington.

St Tammany Parish, known for its excellent schools, quality jobs and stable local economy, has been experiencing significant growth since the mid sixties. The quality of life, warm climate, abundant recreation and proximity to downtown New Orleans makes St. Tammy Parish a perfect location to build Tammanend.

Weyerhaeuser NR Company is working closely with Gulf States Real Estate Services who is providing Project Management, Marketing, and Real Estate consulting for the 850 acre development. Gulf States will be marketing the large development tracts to sub-developers who will provide the apartments, townhomes, residential building sites, and retail town center. Brokerage of the 120 acre business park will be a primary focus for Gulf States as they will seek out corporate end users who best embrace the vision of Tamanend.

“The anticipation of what is to come in this area, north of 1-12, is exciting.” said Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President. “This all-encompassing community, coupled with projects like the St. Tammany Advanced Campus, and the possibility of a safe house for our first responders during an emergency, is merely a glimpse of what may happen here. The central location only adds to its appeal. We are looking forward to what is in store for this development, and we want to thank Weyerhaeuser for choosing St. Tammany as the place to build this planned community”

“I believe Tamanend will be the perfect centerpiece in St. Tammany Parish. This new community will encompass rich history, great architecture, culture, and wonderful quality of life.

According to William Wainwright, Ph.D. and Chancellor of Northshore Technical Community College. “In partnership with St. Tammany Parish Government, St. Tammany Economic Development, and industry stakeholders, the Tamanend development will serve as a hub for innovation, technology, workforce training, and economic development. Northshore Technical Community College, though construction of an Advanced Technology Center and STEM Campus, will position to serve the needs of the greater northshore region in high skill/high demand occupations fueling our local and regional economies.” We cannot wait to be there!

About The Developer:
Weyerhaeuser NR Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser Company, one of the largest timberland owners in the world. Weyerhaeuser NR Company sells acreage in various parts of the United States, with much of the property being former Weyerhaeuser managed timberland. Many past customers, whether they bought five acres or thousands of acres, have appreciated being able to own forestland that includes Weyerhaeuser’s legacy of sustainable forest management.

Weyerhaeuser NR Company operates in 10 states across the South and the Pacific Northwest, with regional headquarters in the three locations.

For more information, please contact Mike Saucier at Gulf States Real Estate Services, (985) 792-4385 or msaucier@gsres.com.